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Zinda Park

বিসমিল্লাহির রাহমানির রাহিম

Developing the socio-economic development of rural exceptional one eti t a social welfare organization of social infrastructure. Education and culture, and entertainment hub of the ongoing effort to setting up, desperate and fervent dedication harvest labor. Model or petition the sake of country as a symbol of the effort is the foundation for rural development organizations. These actions are standing ideals of honesty and service - is the property of any person or interest group; The identity of the social interest or resources. Therefore, the prospect of cooperation, social responsibility and the duty of the journey!



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    01716 260908
    01715 025083
    01721 266610
  • Notice
    Eid Festival week & Holidays
    Entrance fee: 150/-
    Others day- 100/-
    Below 5 Years: 50/-

    No Food Outside
  • Notice
    The park is open daily 7:00am to Maghrib except on Eid day.
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